Qualitative Data Analysis 101: What It Is And Why It Matters | Hotjar

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you analyze qualitative data. Each method of qualitative data analysis has a unique angle and impact on the way you'll organize and understand your results, so choose the method that best suits your team, resources, and objectives. Some methods of qualitative research are: How do you choose the appropriate method? Use a customer-first approach: consider what you're trying to learn about your customers, why you want to learn it, and how you'll use the insight

The Ultimate Guide on Knowledge Management | SSR

Robust knowledge management can be a game-changer for your business, regardless of your industry, target audience, and product line. When done right, knowledge management can save you plenty of cold, hard cash every year—over $300,000 in productivity costs—for a 100-person company. What’s more, a Panopto Workplace Knowledge and Productivity Report found businesses lose between $2.7 million and $265 million because of inefficient knowledge management.

How Long Should Onboarding Take? Best Practices and Ideal Timeline | Zavvy

Companies with great onboarding programs see 2.5% more revenue growth and 1.9% of the profit margin than companies with poor onboarding processes. If that’s not enough motivation, the former also leads to higher productivity levels and faster knowledge acquisition rates. A good onboarding process isn’t long or short—it’s effective and impactful. Therefore, instead of focusing on completing onboarding within a set number of months just because a study says so, figure out what works for your employees and company.